President’s Message


Welcome to Glasgow Investigative Solutions (GIS), INC

After twelve years serving as a distinguished investigative and security assistance agency within the Washington DC area, I concluded that the time has come for the former Glasgow Investigative Services, Inc. (GIS) to transform into a full-fledged organization by embracing other functional areas to enhance its Security Management construct, including cyber security support; emergency preparedness;  Strategic Planning; Logistics Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Training and Consulting.

As a means to keep pace with an ever changing environment, my wife, Mattie, and I both agreed that GIS needed a makeover from its humble beginnings as   a small security based company which we started in 2004.   Because our country continues to face economic uncertainties, global war on terrorism, and emerging technologies, I felt the need for GIS Inc. to put in place strategic plans and other core capabilities to keep pace with the needs of our current and future customers.  With that, Glasgow Investigative Services, Inc. will now be known as Glasgow Integrated Services starting in 2017.

The transformation of GIS, Inc. will be enabled by the addition of a dedicated group of professionals whose backgrounds span across the military, Federal Government and the corporate sectors.  These individuals not only possess superb leadership skills but also bring along a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a result of the many challenging positions and disciplines they have held throughout their illustrious careers.  Because of this outstanding and diverse staff that I have assembled, I am confident that GIS, Inc. will continue to provide great value and services to all of our customers.

GIS, Inc. remains committed to providing its signature security services specializing in investigations, force protection, fingerprinting and security guard services.  As our services and capabilities continue to expand, we will forever remain focused on providing top quality products and service to our customers.

I am proud of GIS Inc. accomplishments to date and look forward to its continued growth and success in the coming years.  With that, I ask that you take a moment to get to know us and tell us how we can support your needs by helping us to understand your goals and objectives as a means to provide solid solutions.

Although our name has changed, our commitment to excellence and integrity remains the same……………WELCOME TO GLASGOW INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS.


Rudolph A. Glasgow
Glasgow Investigative Solutions, INC